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I know you answer thousands of these but please help.


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Hi all. I have followed every tutorial on the net to try to set up my static ip.

I am with an isp that charges a fortune for a static ip so I am setting up a private ip address.

After ages, I have managed to get to the point where the port (13790) is open and seen by canyouseeme.org. It reports "Success: I can see your service on on port (13790)

Your ISP is not blocking port 13790"

When I do the bitcomet natcheck it says "Attempting connect to: port 13790


The connection was successful but a timeout occured reading or writing the BitTorrent client data."

When I look at the peers tab some remote connections have initiated but nothing is getting speeds over 1 kbs.

My speed is set to 80% my max. 10 half open connections and nothing else has been changed.

The openoffice download test gets me to about 32 kbs down and 11 up.

I have a dsl502T router and I have opened the ports in both that and the windows xp firewall.

There is no other firewall software on my pc.

I have a supposedly 7.5 Mbit connection although it is only 128 kb upload so wont be anything like that but should still be decent.

I am getting download speeds of 2-5 kbs and uploads 10-16 kbs.

Any ideas appreciated.


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