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0.77 wrong/non working Tracker & Tracker Status


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Ok, finally we seem to have a stable version since 0.70, EXCEPT for the following:

In the new version (0.77)

TRACKER & TRACKER Status are not working in some situations (this are things listed under Summary).

Meaning: some trackers for example have limits on the number of downloads at one time, lets say 10.

So, I start 10. Then the 11th torrent, SHOULD give an Error Message at Tracker Status.

For example, in 0.70, it would give the error the tracker tells me, like: You are already downloading 10 torrents.

Version 0.77 says "tracker returned code 0" or something usless like this.

Also, the new Information tab, is totally blank for me.

But to recap: Tracker & Tracker Status are NOT working properly (actually 1 of those 2 seems to have been removed in 0.77, but I forgot which one, cause I'm back @ 0.70).


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