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problem - too much downloade data

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hi all

welll... my damn system locked and I lost my looong descripton of the problem... so I'll resume it! (I'm MAD right now!)

I frequently download only parts of some torrent tasks, selecting some files. And only of these this problem shows up, taking long time to finish. just to mention it, I use dialup... DAMN!

example: an ancient download task of mine, 370mb selection out of 6.1gb torrent, 93.4% completed, 2.66gb downloaded, 1.14gb rubbish data dropped... this took me around 350h, I guess!

the problem shows up on "boundary files"... I mean, if I selected only songs 5, 6, 7 and 8, files 6 and 7 get completed just fine, while 5 and 8 get a long time to finish, if it happens at all. selecting 4 and 9 is a workaround that I use sometimes. and another note, this does not happend always... sometimes even boundary files get completed, and I can see that parts of neighbour files were downloaded.

I hope I was clear enough to explain it! if I was not, ask me for details!

if it's a fix for this, or a special config to avoid it, please let me know!


edit: oh! I forgot another strange thing that just happened to me in another torrent download! downloading 4 songs of a full album torrent, I got tired of waiting for it to complete (it already downloaded 3 times the size of my selection and dropped half of it!), then I got to hear the incomplete songs. two of them I gave up of finishing, leaving an already complete one and a theorically incomplete one (75%) according to the torrent, which in fact is complete! I can hear it completely, no missing parts! and I'm absolutely sure of it! it IS complete! I know this music perfectly well!

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