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A transfer is very low.

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Hi there :).

I appologise if my quastions are too simple but I am very new in torrent clients staff. I use AOL ADSL 2Mbps / 512 kbps as a ISP in XP Pro SP2. My transfer is very low, which is about 17 kB/s per torrent. I have three opened torrents and adding them together I have only about 50 kB/s. I think torrents should share 256 kB/s, which is 2Mbps for downloading.

Maybe the reason is that I use firewalls: Trend Micro PC-CILLIN Internet Security 14 with firewall and Kerio Personal Firewall 4.2.0. But I opened a port for listening and the same port is used by BitComet. In Kerio it is set for BitComet to have the internet full opened. I don't use router, have not the proxy and I haven't LAN.

When I am reading people have 140kB/s for download I think something's wrong.

What does "Enable NAT/Firewall Configuration ISP/ICF" or "Remove port on NAT/firewall" mean? Should I unchek it? .... or "UPnP port mapping" - do you think any of them could be the reason of my low transfer? I have read that BitComet 0.68 seems to be incompatible with oldr version. Is it true?

Please help. Thanks.


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Using two firewalls is bad. Get rid of one of them and things should pick up.

Either remove Kerio and just use Trend Micro

or remove Trend Micro, keep Kerio, and get AVG free for your antivirus.

You should only have 1 firewall and 1 antivirus

As for those settings you could just leave them checked, even if they dont apply to you having them enabled wont hurt anything.

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Thanks a lot :).

you've just helped me in another topic. I have used your torrent:


and it went with max connection with both KPF and Trend Micro firewall switched on.

To be honest it was fantastic idea :) it was great of you that you gave us this torrent to check where the problem was.

I am wondering ... Maybe firewalls don't make so much conflict or mess in my system but thanks anyway. If I find any problems with it I will switch off the firewall in Trend Micro because I preffer to have Kerio Firewall switched on and eventually inform you. I think it is good for you to know.


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