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My downloads are slow, and I think I know why....

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The only thing I think you can do is to find another torrent with different tracker. Because you can't have more sources than they phisically exist.

I am not sure about DHT. Maybe it can find more seeds and peers for you than tracker gives.

What do you think everybody who are expert of BitTorrent net :)?

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Some sites dont update the torrent's stats that often.

Now please tell us if any of those peers/seeds your connected to are "Remote" initiations.

If there are remote connections then there isnt much you can do except try finding another tracker for that torrent as ZikO suggested. If there's no other trackers for that torrent then find another torrent with the same material if possible.

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I had a the same problem like yours ... enormous number of leechers and just a bit of seeders but I used only three trackers, which seems to be very poor. I found in internet different sources of the same torrent which is on more trackers than I supposed, I've downloaded them and opened in BitComet, showing me task/torrent exists. Great thing is that I added two more trackers and my downloading is better now. Try it, maybe it will help you as well.

Here you can find that topic:


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Thx for the help guys, but I am a complete and udder noob to torrents, and I don't know what "remote" initiations are, nor trackers....but, the good news is I just watched what I was downloading on You Tube. Again, thx for taking time out to help me. I'll come back here if I have anything else I need to download.

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