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Adding another trackers.

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What do you think about increasing sources (seeds) by adding extra trackers which have the same torrent of the same stuff I am going to download? I have a very poor torrent, whose ratio of downloading to seeding is enormous and I can't count for good downloading but I know (thanks to bitdave :) ) system is configured properly and good torrents could be download very fast.

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The trackers have to be tracking the same exact torrent if your gonna add them.

An easy way to verify this and to add the extra trackers is to download the torrent from the alternative site. If the new torrent is exactly the same and your current one Bitcomet will tell you that the torrent task already exists and asks you if you would like to add the extra trackers. Just hit OK and thats it.

Try to download your torrents at a place like isohunt.com or torrentspy.com or some other multi-tracker indexing site. This way you can find almost everyone who is tracking that particular torrent in one place.

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Thanks. I am going to check it now but ....

I'd like to find out one thing. How's about InfoHash. This number is shown when I click summary of particular torrent. Is it a kind of unique number which is recognized by BitComet?. Is it an information whether torrent's the same or not?


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but dont worry about it just download the torrent from another site and if it's exactly the same Bitcomet will tell you and add the new trackers for you. If its not the same torrent then it will give you the download dialog box in which case you can just hit Cancel so you dont start downloading a new torrent.

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