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i am very sorry for the little information on my previous post. I'm a new user so sometimes I forget the procedures.

I'm using windows xp and my internet connection is DSL ,and my rate is 1.0mbps/128k.

I have been using bitcomet for a very short time but had many sucsessful downloas until this week.This week i started downloadin a divx file,the download started and continued just as the previous times but after a while it stopped at 81.2 %. 0kb/s download,0 kb/s upload 0 ...

And after that I decided to download another file and it also stopped at 43.1%, 0kb/s download,0 kb/s upload 0..

Those unfinished files can be previewed, and both work properly but ,of course, not complete.

To check that if my network has a problem or not, I chose a file with many seeders and maximum health and started downloading.It started download at about 100kb/s and continued so until it came to 99.4% again no download and no upload.And for this latest download I also cannot preview the file.This may be a bad seed or a bad torrent.But the other ones seem to be good seeds as they play properly on preview, but even though it has been three days now, no progress is shown ..

I would be happy if you can solve my problem..


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