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question about PeerGuardian2


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Its OK to Allow HTTP. PG2 will still block the bad guys from trying to connect to your Bitcomet client.

What I do when im just browsing around the web is allow HTTP,

but whenever I go to a torrent site I've never been to before like Torrentz.com, I choose to Block HTTP because that way I can see if people like MEDIASENTTRY have that place staked out and are gonna try to connect to me over HTTP.

On the other hand if you go to a torrent site and you just see advertisement stuff (Savvis, etc) being blocked like at mininova.org then you should Allow HTTP otherwise the pages will load really slow.

You may also want to uncheck the Education list so that you can connect to people using their highspeed college connections.

Peerguardian is by no means a perfect defense but its better than nothing.

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