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I've noticed that how much BitComet 0.79 says is downloaded is based on the average percent download of all the individual files. I would think that it should be based on raw data alone (amount downloaded divided by total size).

I've also noticed that the download rate and upload rates do not always add up. In the main window, for example, it will say 5kB/s. At the same time, when I click on "Peers" to see the downloads and uploads from each IP address, they will total as little as 2kB/s or as much as 8kB/s.

Also, the Time Left field is never correct. Right now, I have 1.26GB left to download for a particular download, and at 4kB/s, it tells me that it's going to take 3 hours. It goes the other direction, too, telling me 68 hours.

I guess my suggestion would be to make the numbers better fit what they are representing.

I don't know if these issues exist in previous versions of BitComet because 0.79 is my first torrent client. I also looked for something like this in the first two pages of the topic, but didn't feel like reading 6 more pages, so I'm sorry if there is already a thread addressing this issue.

But other than that, I am very pleased with BitComet.

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