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How to open torrent again?

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My small nephew was playing with PC and caused lost of downoload list. :( (only move to recycle BIN, files are on HDD). Some torrents I opened again but 1 torrent (20 GB, 92% :'() which I had downloaded for 3 months (because of downoload limit of my connections) I can't open again. When I want to place it in torrent list again, the BitComet 0.79 writes me The Torrent exist!! What to do with this? Thanks.

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First of all make sure that Bitcomet's view is set to All Tasks

(At the top of the favorites list you will see view options)

When it says that the task already exists and you hit OK to add the trackers does the torrent still not show up?

May I suggest you look in your torrents folder and see whether the .torrent or its .xml file are there still.

C:\Program Files\Bitcomet\Torrents

If you see either of them, then delete them both

Also you should look in the Downloads.xml that is in Bitcomets main folder

Right click on it and select Edit. Look to see if the torrent in question is listed in there.

If it is then delete everything from the opening tag <Torrent... to the ending tag </Torrent>

After doing these things you should be able to re-download/re-add that torrent,

then when you start it select Resume instead of Start Now.

This way it should hash check how much of the actual download you have and start where you left off.

If it doesnt hash check and just starts over, then stop the task, rightclick on it and select manual hash check.

Now you can start it again where it left off.

One final thing, read in my sig about how we recommend using v0.70

Maybe after you fix this problem you should think about downgrading

Just uninstall v0.79 and then install the v0.70 thats linked to in my sig

Dont worry, all your torrents and downloads will still be there.

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