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ive got a rt31p2 linksys >>>>wrt54g ive setup portforwording over the phone with linksys went to check and see if port was open but it says stelth mode. checked window firewall bitcomet is listed along with port still dont see ant remotes on peers .... what am i missing? plus i set static ip on lan, do i need to set it on wireless to?

if i connect hard wire from wrt54 to pc i lose internet connection

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Its hard to help because you didnt describe your setup in detail.

From what I read your PC is connected to the wifi router wirelessly.

The problem here is that your PC is behind two NAT routers and therefore you must portforward them both

Also you didnt mention what DSL/Cable modem you are using, this too may also have routing functions which are causing problems.

to make life easier,

you can change your configuration so that the voip router is behind the wifi router.

This is the easiest configuration to deal with since everything is handled by your wifi router.

You may lose QOS functionality of the voip router, but it isnt that big of a deal, your calls should still be clear and consistent. If you do this I would suggest setting the voip call quality so that it uses less bandwidth.

Another thing I think your not understanding is the static IP part of portforwarding.

The thing that needs a static IP is your computer's network card. So if you're connecting wirelessly then your PCs wireless card needs the static IP.

So summing up what I think you should do:

Your network should look like this

DSL/Cable modem LAN --> WAN wrt54g LAN--> WAN rt31p2

and your computer(s) will be connected with a static IP to the wrt54g either wirelessly or through its other LAN ports

Then you can make the portforwarding rules in the wrt54g to point to the static IP of your PC

Now, the rt31p2 you will want to give a different static IP then your PCs through the wrt54g's routing options

You will find this option under Setup -> Advanced Routing -> Static Routing (you may also want to do your PCs static IP in here)

Then you should place the rt31p2 in a DMZ on the wrt54g (under Apps & Gaming -> DMZ)

Also under Apps & Gaming you can adjust QOS options so that the rt31p2 gets High priority

Hope this isnt too complicated. I dont want to go into too much detail because I dont know your whole setup.

Please give me some more information about your setup or ask any questions you want

and hopefully we can get this all setup in an easy to adjust way.

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sorry dave thought i was clear on it. dsl is wired to rt31 and wrt54 is just set as a switch. all the portforwarding was done on rt31 as per linksy. whay im not sure of is they said this would open up my port im getting download speeds of around 150 kps to 180 kps . thats about the best ive ever had so far.

i checked my speeds they are 4768 down and 364 up from what rr has said thats not bad.

i guess what im asking is it ok for this port to still show as stealth? so far ive not seen a remote in peers

oh its a motorola sb5100 , i think its just a motem

but i may be wrong thanks

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Ok, that setup should work to, but if its still showing the port stealthed then there is something wrong.

This is really hard to diagnose through a forum, so I will point you somewhere which should help you


You may find an answer for your setup there, but I would recommend you change the setup to how I described.

The reason is that the wrt54g is a much better router/firewall and you wont lose QOS functionality because the wrt54g has it. Also the wrt54g has many alternative firmwares which add many great features and expand its capabilities.

Oh, and you're correct the motorola 5100 is just a modem

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thaxs i went there and looked around a bit <_< dave ... hehe looks like 6 of one half doz of another but anyway i did see a setting in my lan that wasnt set allow others to connect opps got it fixed now ports open :rolleyes: thxs a bunch

now it on to learning how to take a file from my c drive and make a torrent that can be installed to another pc. got some reading to do again thanks

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