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Download restart, 0.0% of 39GB when I had 75%... :(

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First things first :)

The following information MUST be included with all requests for support.

1. Version of Bit Comet = 0.79

2. Version of Windows = Windows XP home SP2, and all internet updates

3. Type of Internet Connection/router = Motorola Router, on 8Mb cable internet

Please post as much info as possible:

Well I've been downloading a multifile torret for about 2 weeks now, and have been very happy with its progress considering how much I am getting. I was at about 75% when I noticed my computer running kinda chopy. Seeing that I was low on hard drive space, I moved (cut/paste) the files to another hard drive with more room, but now BitComet is saying that I don't have anything downloaded.

Yes, I did check where the file was to be downloaded in bitcomet, and double checked that it was my new location, however instead of realising that it was partily there, Bitcomet continues to make new folders, and try to proceed from the begining, pls help...all the files are at 80-90% done, and I really don't wanna start over.


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What you need to do is right click on the torrent task and change where that is pointing to.

If you just change the default location for all torrents it doesnt affect torrents currently in progress

Once you point the torrent task to the right location you should make sure that the task is stopped and select manual hash check.

Also once you solve this problem you should consider downgrading to v0.70 (link in my sig)

Just install right over v0.79 and then go through our Settings Guide(link in sig) because some of the settings get changed.

Dont worry, your torrents and downloads will still be there as is

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tyvm, the file is hash checking right now, it taking a little bit of time, but what do you expect from something 39GB large? As soon as that is finished, I plan to follow your directions to the letter, thank-you for helping me, and thank-you for answering my post so quickly

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