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Seems to be a bug !!!

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Hi everybody

I have a PROBLEM with bitcomet 0.68. I have WinXP pack 2, with Kaspersky antivirus installed.

Im currently downloading a torent that contains many video files. Cause I have a low connection speed I select only one file at a time. I already downloaded one file, and for the second in the Summary I have the following infos :

Selected Files Size : 472MB

Remaining : 56MB

Total Downloaded : 527.32 MB (52 MB rubbish data dropped)

As you can see the downloaded files (527.32 - 52) = 475,32 are greater than the selected files 472. And when I open the last file (should be incomplete), it is complete. So why BitComet is still downloading.

I start having this problem when I upgraded Bitcomet 0.67 to 0.68 !!!

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