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my router/modem is TA-102 from TERAYON

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i am from Hong Kong. I only have LOCAL CONNECTIONS AND NO REMOTE. To solve this prob i also read thru some of the threads in bc forum. After reading these threads, i came to know there are connections that have been blocked from my router. So, i need to configure my router. However, after this step i'm really lost. I do not know how to configure my router.

By the way, when i run IPCONFIG, I get this sort of msg:

"Connection-specific DNS Suffix :voip.hkcable.com.hk

IP Address ..............................:

Subnet Mask ...........................:

Default Gateway ......................:"

I also tried to configure my router by inserting GATEWAY NUMBER in the browser address. But this step titles with "CANNOT FIND SERVER". However, i also visited the PORT FORWARDING website in this link http://portforward.com/routers.htm . But i could not find any router/modem similar to mine.

My router/modem is from the manufacturer: TERAYON

My router/modem model: TA-102

You may get more information abt my router/modem in this link http://www.terayon.com/tools/static_page/v...00&cat_id=9.3.3

So, please help me to get thru this prob. I really appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you!



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So this doesnt let you log into your router ->

Your router uses SNMP for management. This means your ISP can configure your router if they want.

Did the router come with any software, maybe there is a management GUI included.

Did the router come with a user manual, maybe it explains how to log in to the router.

If all else fails give your ISP a call and ask them how to log in so you can forward the ports for you game. ;)

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