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Here are some things i would like to be integrated into the best bittorrent client in the world!


1. Sorting of columns

2. Relative filenames

3. Save peers list

4. Manual refresh of tracker



So downloads can be sorted by % completed, file size, etc. As i understand it, this is not on the rejected list and quite a

few people would like it.


When downloading into the same drive as BitComet, it would be handy to have relative paths.

I often take BitComet on my flash drive to school/work/friend's place and resume a download, only to find that on my computer

the drive is letter B and on friend's computer, drive is letter E. As the download files have absolute paths, and there is

no B drive, BitComet simply says it cannot download the file. If i change the download path, i lose up to about 30mb. I

presume this is because that data was in the cache (not in the file itsself), and that cache no longer exists.


I often have problems connecting to trackers (cruddy dial-up internet), but the DHT network works just fine. The only

problem is that the DHT network gives me maybe 2 peers, while the tracker will give me 50 (when it manages to connect). If

the list of peers was saved, and BitComet could cycle through the peers it obtained when the tracker *did* manage to connect,

then files would be downloaded much faster.


Again, this is a connection problem. BitComet increases the timeout 'till reconnecting to a tracker by 10 seconds (i

think...) every retry. This is a bit of a problem becuause on my internet i am often unable to connect to the tracker. If i

could manually refresh the tracker, it would be a great help. To prevent hammering, a time limit of maybe 1 min between

refreshes would be good (anything would be better than the 20 minutes it quickly builds up to).

Well there they are, my suggestions. If there's anything you want clarification on or if i haven't explained something very

well, feel free to drop me a line.

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