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I have configured my BitComet by using suggestions from many guides and FAQs. Im quite happy with my speeds which are normally around 300kbps. However as im on a 8mb connection i was hoping for a bit more speed. Its obvious i have it set up correctly as im getting decent speeds, but is their anything i can do to bunk it up that bit further to get the maximum (or as close too) speed capable with my connection?

Any help appreciated!

Also say i was downloading a torrent that had 1500 seeders yet i was only connecting to around 50, what would i have to change to connect to more?

Here is a screenie of my configuration:


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You should bump the max upload slots up to 6

Does your ISP filter or block p2p traffic??? -the reason your speeds are slower is cause you have encryption set to always. Set it on Auto-Detect and you should get more connections which should help your speeds.

You should set the Max connections to 150 and set the connections to keep on Auto. It doesnt look like you have very much upload so why try to maintain a huge list of peer connections.

Also if you used the Lvllord half-open TCP patch and patched windows xp to 100,

then you should set Bitcomet slightly under this like at 98.

Good luck, tell me if it helps :)

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