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Disconnects on download start

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When I start BitComet and a new download, in 99% of the cases I get totally disconnected from the internet. It looks like some sort of congestion happens or something. The download starts normally and runs for a minute or two, then it drops to 0 KiB/s with a consecutive disconnect from the internet. Usually the connection is reestablished within a few minutes, but I think it's totally weird that this happens -all the time- !

I have configured a single port (5 digits) for use (as configured in BitComet) in the routers "Port Range Forwarding" menu.

The above has also happened earlier on other networks I have connected to (eg. at my friends house). I get a feeling something is not right with the client.

I have no firewall or antivirus enabled on my system, so that's not an issue.

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