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good feature for fast downloaders of video.

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It would be awsome if you could add a feature so that you can download the file from the start to the end in that order eg. bit1, bit2, bit3 ......

With this people that have fast connections can start watching the movie as they download, This option would be best as a tick box in the propities of the torrent and be turned off by defult because you only want to use it when watching video on fast connections. Or even downloading audio it could still be pritty usefull.

But you wouldnt want it to ignore the openly avabily bits so it isnt forced to go in order it just proities them higher. so atleast the video is watch able compared to how it randomly gets it.

thanks for your time keep up the good work on BC.

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The problem with what you suggested is that you will only be limited from downloading from one peer at a time. This is because computers cannot read and write to the same data segment at the same time, since it might re-write something that is there already, or think that the data has been written where in fact it hasn't. So what these client do is split a file up into segments, or blocks say being 1mb long and then one peer is allowed to write to that segment only, so to stop confusion. Thats why downlaoding in the order it should be will be unsituable, unless you want to download from one computer, where it will be super slow.

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