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Bitcommet sucking all the bandwidth, regardless of speed

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I have 256/64 so thats 25-27KB/s depends on the location of the server.

I download things frequently, and I know I can still use the net fine, even if I'm downloading at 25KB/s.

However, when using Bitcommet, it ALWAYS sucks ALL of the bandwidth of my connection, it becomes impossible to browser, one page would take 5 mins to load...if it does load.

However the funny thing is, this happens at any download speed, this morning I was downloading something on bitcommet at only 5KB/s, and still it's impossible to do anything.

It even slows up the internet when it's downloading at 0KB/s - which means it's not downloading anything at all!!!!!!

Though the second I shut it down, everything speeds up to normal speed.

I have upgraded to the latest version of the client, and yet the problem still persists.

What's up?

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Almost all home broadband connections are asymmetrical -- a lot faster downstream than upstream. Bittorrent involves a lot of communication, with the tracker, with peers, with the exchange of torrent pieces and their acknowledgements, most of it over TCP, where things have to be acknowledged.

All that means a lot of upstream traffic, so this is where your connection will begin to choke. It's extremely important to limit bittorrent's global maximum upload speed, to keep this traffic from crowding out all other traffic, including any other internet activity (web surfing, email, &c)

You need to measure your actual upstream speed, using one of the many web sites offering this service. Choose one reasonably nearby, to avoid network latency confusing the issue. (If you live in London, don't choose one that's in Taiwan or Buenos Aires or Redmond.) Make sure the one you chose reports your upstream speed, not just downstream. Make sure you've stopped all other applications that use any of your bandwidth before doing the test. Write down the results, and do it CAREFULLY. Most sites report your speed in Kb/s, while most internet applications set speeds in KB/s. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. 1 KB/s = 8 Kb/s. Keep your units straight.

Set your global maximum upload speed for your bittorrent client to a value that's about 80% of your measured maximum upstream speed, using consistent units. (Most errors are made here.) This will greatly improve your bittorrent download speeds, as well as your other internet activities.

If you don't limit your upstream speed, it will take over your internet connection and make everything else run very slow or not work at all.

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