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BitComet hogging your internet?

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I was having the same problem lots of other people have been having. I have 2 computers in my house, and if EITHER machine was running BitComet, we were having issues web browsing and such, it was dropping connections like crazy, my Xbox wouldn't register an ip, Basically, it was being crap. I have the Linksys WRT54GSv4 router, which is listed as being a problem router, something to do with too many half-open connections. I ran the TCP fix and changed my connections to 100, etc.

I WAS running the DD-WRT firmware, but apparently if you have an XBOX 360, it won't work. Turns out the XBOX is trained to only use approved firmwares. I flashed the router back to the Linksys firmware, the newest version. Then, in Bitcomet, I changed my half-open connections limit to 20 on both computers. I left the Windows connection limit at 100, so there's quite a bit of headroom for other applications. As well, I'm going to be trying different settings, and try to find out where exactly that magic number is that it stops working.

Now, I have a perfect working internet, and I'm getting over 200KB/s on ONE task while I'm in the process of writing this, with no problems. I can now have Bitcomet running on both computers, and still web browse with BOTH computers, AND connect to Xbox Live, AND run up CounterStrike and get a working server list all at the same time.

So, if you're having trouble with the connection issue, like many people have been. I'd suggest flashing back to the official firmware, and then CONTRARY to what people say about the TCP connections, leave the number lower. It seems like you don't connect to seeders/peers quite as fast, but once it gets going there's no difference that I can tell. As well, I'll betcha that a LOT of routers that people use aren't able to handle the increased amount of connections.

And besides, it's working, so I take what I can get. Good Lucks, and I Hope this helps someone :blink:

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DSL, DHT, and the 80% Rule


I happen to have my Upload rate at 75% of my ISPs Max Upload Speed. My speeds have always been quite good at both upload/download rate. This does not solve my issue of being kicked offline frequently throughout the day however.

By unchecking DHT I haven't been kicked offline in days/weeks, quite the feat considering now going on several months with slow internet surfing and random internet boots. Until I understand why I WOULD WANT to setup a static IP or Port Forwarding, I will just continue to DISABLE DHT, because this feature has been killing my DSL for about 6 months, or at least, Bitcomet works likes it should when I have it unselected in Preferences.

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:blink: I have an HP A1220n (junk) with two linksys adapters attached. I lowered the max half to 20 and set upload speed to 30 with unlimited download (set lower to help client machines load webpages faster). I have gotten over 1mb downloads (total) doing it this way. The only problem is if the seed has a ratio. still looking into that one.

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