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Config help please

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I guess to start off I did try and search these forums and read some FAQs but to no avail.

I am playing an MMO that uses ports:

TCP or 50000 - 65535

UDP 50000 - 65535

Problem is after 5-10 mins of play time with BC running in backround I will get DC'd.

So I set my Listen Port to 26645 (which apparently isnt used by the game) and make sure it is forwarded in my Linksys router.

Problem still persists, with the same symptoms. If I shutdown BC I get no problems for days on end....

Hate being a n00b but, what am I missing? Any help is appreciated.

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I think that your game and BitComet want too much resources from your computer/network than it can give to both of them simultaneously. So I think you should try limiting BitComet - namely its traffic & number of connections. If that doesn't help, try asking in your game's forums, as it may be not (just) BitComet's problem.

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