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Seeding question

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I used to use Azureus but got tired of the memory leak within it, hence my move to BitComet. I have a question though. I started off by seeding the torrents that I had downloaded. But now I don't understand what's happening.

Under %, all the torrents that have connected are slowly dropping from 100. Does it have to go to 0% until it actually starts seeding?

Because under KB/s UP and U/D Ratio I'm getting big fat goose eggs. 0000000000. Don't understand why.

Lastly, I have about 5 files that I've started seeding that are still trying to connect. Umm, why? Is the tracker down? Or is it related to my first quesiton?

Sorry for all the newb questions.

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Try stopping the seeding torrents and doing manual hash checks on them, so that BitComet knows it's got 100% of the files. Then restart and it should begin seeding normally. Hash-checks take a while to complete, so be patient.

The ones that show connecting may be tracker problems, or they may be BitComet trying to figure out what it's got before it actually starts seeding. The hash checks may fix that.

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