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Multiple connection attempts after closing client

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I shut down BitComet to do some other tasks and my firewall went crazy. 3000+ connection attempts were made to the port BC was using within a span of 60-75 minutes. When I load up BC, the activity stops. I am not currently downloading or seeding any files.

Did I miss something in the FAQ or searching that explains this?

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When you connect to the tracker, your scrape message tells it your status and some details. When you start or restart the torrent, it includes a request to join the swarm.

The tracker replies with a list of swarm members, and an interval that your client should wait before scraping the tracker again.

When you stop the torrent, your client sends a message requesting the tracker take you out of the swarm.

All those other swarm members are out there still though, and the last time they scraped the tracker, you were listed as a swarm member. They're all going to continue thinking you are, until they all (successfully) re-scrape the tracker and find out you aren't listed anymore. That can take quite a long time. If their scrapes time out, they'll go on thinking you're in the swarm.

You'll keep getting connection attempts until they all figure out you're not part of the swarm anymore, or in the case of previous connections, you're not responsive anymore.

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