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A little bit of explanation please=)

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First of all you should know that I am very new to file sharing...so forgive me if got the terms wrong or somthing. I have just downloaded BitComet 0.70..and there are a few thongs I don;t understand...why is the download rate about 10 KB/s...and another thing I would like to know is whether BitComet also shares folders or files from my computer or allows other computers access to it...and if so, what folder is it?

I am sorry if my question sounds silly to you...Maxim =)

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Your first question is solidly in the FAQ area, so you might want to do a bit of reading up.

Bittorrent, unlike many other P2P programs, doesn't have the concept of shared directories. This isn't how it works.

As you download pieces of a file* from others (the swarm), you also upload pieces to them. There are hopefully those who have the entire file, who are called "seeds", and they downoad file pieces to the swarm as well. When you have 100% of the file, you become a seed in turn.

You may also elect to seed a file to others on your own, but this isn't something you can do unknowingly or accidentally. It takes some knowledge, effort and procedure to do that.

You can download, or "leech" (unfortunate term, but it's the one we've got) more than one file at a time, as your bandwidth can support it. You can seed more than one, though your upload bandwidth is generally much less, as it is for most broadband connections. You can do both at once.

*File is understood to mean "the contents of the torrent", which may be a single file or a group of files.

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I had read the FAQ section but I didn't find an answer to ny question...perhaps because there are many things I didn't understand since English is not my native language...if you can explain it briefly or direct me to the place in the FAQ section in which lies the answer I will be very greatfull=)

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