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The new "Cache Discovery Protocol"

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The Cache Discovery Protocol by Cohen in Mainline

A compromise between the ISP and customer, caching allows users to participate on BitTorrent without utilizing an ISP's external bandwidth. Caching servers, which are hosted by the ISP, maintains the most popular and most queried traffic. Instead of the BitTorrent client utilizing the ISP's external bandwidth to obtain the required file(s), traffic is contained between the cache server and the end user. In other words, the traffic is maintained within the ISPs internal network, which is considerably cheaper than handling external traffic.
Specific details on Cache Discovery Protocol will be available relatively soon on BitTorrent.org.

I bring this up as something to look at in the future. Recently I find myself getting the best speeds from up to date copies of the Mainline client, 150KBs average. So I can tell the server cache is work. From other people a on SBC/AT&T DSLs & the Comcast crowd seems to have it as well.

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