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0.7 won't start dl when double click bt file


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:angry: After i upgrade to 0.7 I have to dl the file and save on my pc the use the open file to start a new dl. When double click on a bit torrent file the bitcomet start but nothing was promt. Used to click on the file and open directly online, but now have to dl to the hardisk and then open bitcomet0.7, use the open file button to start the dling.


Is it my setting problem or everyone is having this problem? :unsure:

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options->preferences->advanced: check default bittorrent client.

I haven't this problem and I never had it.

Its already checked. It's I can't open .bt file by double click. Have to open Bit comet then use the open button to search for the file and open. :(

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ok then try this:

close bc; open windows explorer,from the menu choose tools->folder options, then file types tab.

scroll down for "torrent" file extension. choose delete yes for confirmation.

then choose new in the box write TORRENT ok

in the open with choose change browse for bitcomet.exe

see if this fix your problem if not try to clean install 0.70.

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I had the same problem after patching to 0.70. Tried fresh install of BC which didn't help.

Went to Tools > Folder Options > File Types in Windows Explorer

Went to TORRENT file

Noticed that Windows said the torrent file type had been customised. I hit the "Restore" option to restore it do default changes (It would not give me an option to delete the file type until I had done this)

After restoring the problem was fixed, didn't need to delete the file type and re-add it.

Wierd though, BC would open fine when opening torrent files, it just wouldn't load the torrent into the downloads.

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