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Weird thing!

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I've really got a big problem here. A file over 800 mb had good health before starting downloading it. And the download went really smooth at first (500 kb/s in over 15 min). All of the sudden, it got gradually slower and now downloads 0-5 kb/s. And the file's health swithes between 0-1 %

I'm a beginner so I'm not sure why it does that.

Please advise...

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"Health" is an indication of how many copies of the file are present in aggregate over the whole swarm. If you have one third, I have a different third, and Joe has the last third, that's one aggregate copy between the three of us. Over time, as we exchange pieces and each get a full copy of the file, there will be three complete copies in the swarm. (Until we all drop out, leechers that we are.)

A health below 100 indicates that there are no full copies, and that unless somebody reseeds, this torrent isn't going to finish downloading for anybody. Over time, everyone will stabilize at whatever percentage is present in the aggregate, and stop.

What may have happened is that everyone dropped the torrent for some reason such as a problem that needed to be fixed with the contents. Check the site where you got it, to see if there's a subsequent torrent or another with the same content.

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