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Downloading a Part of a File

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When I download a file, it may have serveral sections which you can check or uncheck. I had all the boxes checked and it was downloading each part. I wanted to download only the part 1 of the file and I unchecked the part 2 box. When I had download part 1, I then wanted to continue downloading part 2 but instead of maintaining what had already been downloaded for part 2---it started from 0. :(

It would be nice if you could stop a part of a download and the amount already downloaded would remain instead of having to reload the whole part.

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you can:

files section in the lower left corner: there you can see all the files/parts in the torrent. right click on the file choose priority->normal for start downloading or priority->disabled to not download that part.

so if you want in the begining of the torrent task you can choose only the first part then when it is finished go to files and you will see:

first file 100%, second file Banned, third file banned and so on. right click on the second file choose prioriry->normal and the second part will start to download. enjoy

if you need to stop the current download for awhile you need to manual hash check the task after you resume it later. For example: I was downloading a movie the task had 3 files *.nfo, *.avi, sample.avi. *.avi was with normal priority; *.nfo and sample.avi was banned. I was downloaded 23% of it. Then I remember to see the sample first is it really with a DVDRip quality so I stoped the *.avi file (right click choose priority->disabled) and I started sample.avi file (right click priority->normal), I saw it is with a good quality and started the *.avi file again but it started from 0% again. So i stopped the task (otherwise manual hash check option from the right click menu is unavaliable) right click the task choose manual hash check and it then continued from 23%. And then I was happy :P .

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