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I've got a problem I hope someone can help me with.

I upload and seed torrents, and I have no problems, usually.

I just uploaded a new torrent, a very popular torrent, so I seed to almost

50 peers. The first problem is that it goes very slow, and I tried to bann

IPadresses, so I only seed to a few, and maybe the seeding will speed up so

they can get 100% faster and then seed. But, no matter how much I upload,

and the average uploading-speed is 15 kb/s, and I've uploaded 4 Gb(!!) in 75

hours, all the peers still have 0.0% :huh:

How is that possible and what can I do to upload faster?

And yeah, btw, the size of the torrent is only 104.27 Mb

I appriciate your help

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You're trying to do something that basically can't be done, and is doomed to failure: you can't control whom you seed to. Bittorrent won't permit that. It was designed to prevent that from happening, accidentally or deliberately.

When you seed, you seed to the whole swarm, not to just a few, or to a small clique. Bittorrent refuses to do that, can't be compelled to do it, and reacts to the attempt by slowing down to an extreme degree. Best advice is: stop trying.

Bittorrent is designed to widely distribute content while minimizing the load on the servers. A piece is given to one member of the swarm, who is expected to share it among all the other members. It will do this by itself, and attempting to interfere with it will only slow it down. As for your upload speed, it will never come anywhere near your download speed because you don't have the upstream bandwidth for that. Almost all SOHO broadband connections are asymmetrical, with downstream bandwidth being much higher than upstream. It isn't a problem. Just keep seeding until your ratio is at least 1:1, and don't worry about who you're seeding to or how they're doing. Your client and the dynamics of the swarm will take care of it.

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