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It very much depends on exactly what you download.

You provide no details at all, so I'm guessing you've gotten hold of some licensed content, which is likely going to want you to join something, pay some money, or install some spyware on your machine in order to view the content. You probably don't want to do that, and stay away from licensed content.

Many of the video files using the .WMV extension are of this sort. Since there's no particularly good or compelling reason to use .wmv otherwise, I simply avoid them. (Yes, that does mean that if you're entirely legitimate, and uploading perfectly good, unlicensed content, I won't bother with it just because it's .WMV)

On the other hand, you might have downloaded streaming content, though that isn't usually torrented because there's no reason to.

The majority of downloads don't require any subsequent internet connection in order to view/use them.

More detail will get you a clearer answer.

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