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Problem Downloading Torrent


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Ive finally located the torrent I want to download.. When I try to download the files, I notice that the tracker(s) associated with the torrent are in a STOPPED state.. When it suggests I go to the website and signup or log on to the tracker, the site says it is accepting no new registrations!

Does this mean that the person who uploaded the torrent used a lousy tracker not suitable for the purpose? Is there some way I can use some other tracker indepentant of what the guy who uploaded the torrent called for? Or, is each torrent inexorably bound to a tracker, and if the tracker is no good, Im out of luck??

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You've downloaded a "private" torrent, which really shouldn't have been uploaded to a public site. Basically, you'll have to join that private site to download the torrent contents. There are many sites that do this, in order to enforce sharing ratios on their members.

With experience, you'll come to recognize many of these private sites. Before you download a torrent file, check the tracker (usually listed somewhere in the upload information) and avoid those that require registration at sites you don't belong to.

You'll probably find the same content elsewhere, from a public tracker, sooner or later. Just delete this torrent and keep looking.

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