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How to convert to bridge mode for modem/router


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Could some one give me step-by-step advices how to get to a bridge mode and get an internet after on modem/router SpeedStream 5660?

My OS is Win2003SrvStndrd, not XP/Win2000Pro!

Reason: SpeedStream 5660 looses connections after 4-5 hours if they reach level around 250.

My ISP is PPPoA, not PPPoE, but into a internet browser on a page of the modem settings (like as I must write name and password.

My DNS settings I set in manual not automatic.

I set Full duplex mode and gave Network Address (Internal, like on 10/100 Network Adapter Properties sheetl.

Thanks guys in advance.

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Update the firmware on that modem, here's the link. I have a 5100b and I have delt with the 5100a (aka the living h*** model) and 4100 (really nice).

If you can try and get a new modem out of your ISP.

Thanks man.

Unfortunately, I have that version from the beginning of use the modem/router. For now they do not have any new firmware to the one.

More that, I can not change the modem/router cause my ISP recomend it.

If you know that there is some chance to change to other modem/router, yuo are welcxome, give me please brand/model name.

I am really afraid to do on my own cause I am just user, not professional in TCP....Net.... fields.

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