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DHT Network returns no peers

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I'm using BitComet 0.61.

Recently, I found downloading becoming slower and I find that even if I enable DHT network in Options and each torrent properties, when I check each torrent I am downloading, DHT network returns NO peers.

I'm sure that it happens just recently and I'm sure it works before, as I can download torrents without trackers in it.

Can anybody help?

What should I check?

I'm not sure if any updates or settings of Norton Internet Securit 2005 has impact on DHT network or any port we need to open for DHT network?

Please help.

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I think I need to review my router setting.

Actually I have two PCs sharing a wireless router.

My PC's (PC1) BitComet is listening to 15772 port while another PC (PC2) is listening to 11843 port.

I have defined in my router's 2 virtual server setting:

BitComet1 - TCP/UDP port 15772 forwarded to my PC (PC1)

BitComet2 - TCP/UDP port 11843 forwarded to another PC (PC2)

Other settings:

The router has UPnP enabled by default.

I have also configured another PC (PC2) IP to be put to DMZ of router.

The result is that another PC (PC2) works perfectly. It can listen to 11843 port and connect DHT and trackers.

But my PC does not listen to port 15772 as TELNET from an Internet PC. For BitComet client, no matter whether I follow enable/disable NAT or UPnP in options, the result is the same.

Am I doing something wrong with router settings?

For firewall,

PC2 - OutPost Firewall Pro 3.51 (Open TCP/UDP port 11843)

My PC (PC1) - Norton Internet Security Professional 2005 (Open TCP/UDP port 15772)

Thanks for help.

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