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Network Interface ?

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Using BT0.70 on laptop.

Laptop has two IP addresses: lan ( and wireless ( Both us the same default gateway on the server

When I installed BT it grabbed the lan ip by default.

It is working correctly using this ip after I configured port forwarding and the virtual server feature on my Billion router (have seen 1,100Kbps downloads on heavily seeded files).

I want BT to use the ip address of the wireless router so I don't have to be tethered to my server.

Is there a way to configure BT to use the wireless ip (

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Not sure I fully understand your question.

If you disconnect from the lan (unplug the cable), what happens? BitComet and everything else should use the wireless connection, since it's the only one active. If BC has a problem so should everything else, and you probably can just temporarily disable the lan connection.

OTOH if you've got the cable plugged in, i.e., you're working at home, why does it matter which connection is used? I'm missing something here.

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Thanks for reply. No you didn't miss anything and you actually answered my question - if will find the correct LAN to use (cable or wireless).

This means that I will have to set the router up to do port forwarding against the wireless as it is currently set to forward port 65500 to the LAN (

It appears that when I want to use the wireless (yes, I'm at home but don't always want to be tethered to my back office desk and want to work in other rooms of the house). I'll need to somehow create another virtual server for the router to forward to the wireless ip address (

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I'm not quite clear on why you ever plug the laptop in. I'm assuming the only thing you really use the router for is, basically, to distribute your internet connection, yes? I mean, if you do a lot of swapping files between your computers, that's a different story.

But if all you really do with the router is access the internet, consider that your internet connection is the bottleneck: it's far, far slower than your connections to the router, whether wired or wireless. That being so, it doesn't make any difference how you connect to the router. This is like wondering whether you should connect a 100 GPH hose, or a 50 GPH hose, to that 15 GPH tap -- it doesn't matter, you'll still only get 15 GPH out of either hose.

So if that's all you're doing, you can just coil up the cable, save it for something else, and go wireless all the time.

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