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Download/connection errors

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Hey guys, im new to bitcomet as ive only just got into torrents and tried to use azureus. Ive got telstra cable which is fairly fast and yet i cant download very fast.

Ive switched to bitcomet as i could only get 3-7kbps download which is pretty crappy. Now i use bitcomet and can only get max of 10...

Im hoping someone here can help me configure the stuff to work well and give me speeds i deserve.

If you need any of my info, here it is.

port used: 50050

Router: Belkin F5D7230-4

Firewall: Sygate Pro(configured to allow access..)

Any help would be awesome:D



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You don't need to give us your IP and you probably shouldn't.

Now we'll start with BC first, use this settings guide for BC: http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=533

Just a warning, don't mess with your "max half-open TCP connections," it causes more problems and trouble then its worth.

Your routers turn now, everything you wanted to know about your router. A warning about Belkin routers, they're great but you need to use IE when logging into them. They have a little error in their code that Firefox is allergic to.

As for your firewall, make sure the rule for Bitcomet allows TCP & UDP connections. B)

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