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Hash check again when the download task is finished?

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The option "Hash check again when the download task is finished?" exists in BitComet's preferences under the "task" section. Can anyone explain to me what it really does?

My idea is something like: A file downloaded with BitComet consists of pieces. When this option is on and the download is complete (100%), BitComet will then hash each piece and compare it to the hash on a seeder's machine. If it doesn't match then the piece is redownloaded.

Is it even close?

Also, what does the "manual hash check" do (right click a torrent on the list)?

Thanks a lot.

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A hash check = a check if the file is okay, and ALL the files and packets have been downloaded 100% without any errors..

It's a handy feauture if you want to be 100% sure on if your file dosen't contain missing parts or errors. Personally I dosen't use it. Only if I can't open the downloaded file.

Manual hash check is when you want to check all files thorugh manually. This is handy if you have deleted your torrent, re-downloaded it, and want to continue download where you stopped.

So as a summary:

Hash Check = Check if the file (or chunks) is okay. ;)

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