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I don't get it ???

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Hi, I just started using torrents. I have heard that bitcomet is a good client for downloading torrents. I have a 100 MBPS connection from "Bell Sympatico" Canada. I own a pentium 4 computer, 1GB ddram, 2.4 GHz. I was downlaoding a movie that has 40 seeders and 54 peers. For some reason my speed stays around 11 kbps. I don't know what to do. Can someone help me plzz. My friend has the same connection and he gets aorund 200 kbps if the seeders are over 20. Thx in advance

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What tracker are you downloading from? Are you behind a router?

You got to understand that Bittorrent (or just P2P in general) is a VERY unstable network. You can't compare two torrents with eachother, because those two torrents have different peers, and different peers = different bandwidths = different down and upstreams.

But my best guess would be that you are behind a router. You need to port forwarde that router.

If you have no router, you have forgotten to limit your upload speed. Limit your upload speed to: 1040KB/S . Now you'll get a much better downstream. Also remember that you shoulden't expect great downstreams if you're downloading from ThePirateBay.

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