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Backing Up Unfinished Downloads

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Hi All,

my computer has been infected by virus and i wonder if there is any way to backup my torrent incomplete download file..i have some movies which i have been downloading for weeks due to the lack of seeders and its almost done: its above 80%

Is it possible to back them up? Which means after i reformatted my computer will i be able to continue to download those incomplete torrent file? I a really new to all this torrenting download, so any help will do.

If its possible how can i do it? I have a USB and a 1tb drive for backing up.

Thanks for your help.


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It's fairly simple, but there are two parts to the backup. Save the .torrent file, and save the partial download.

First, there's the .torrent file itself. You should have this saved in a known location on your hard disk. If you opened the .torrent directly into BitComet, then find the file in the torrents folder off the program directory, and also don't do that. (The .torrent file in this folder gets automatically deleted when you delete the task. If you still needed it, too bad.)

Second, there's the actual download, the movie or album or whatever it is. This is normally found in your default download directory. If you don't already know where that is, check your preferences/options/whatever for it. Some of them are single files, some of them are directories. Whichever yours is, make sure you back up the whole thing.

You will need to back up both. When you reinstall BitComet, take the opportunity to correct any errors. Downloaded data should not be put in the Program Files tree, and windows is finally becoming fussy about that. So if you haven't already, create a directory like "C:\Downloads" and make that your default download directory. Later versions of BC will do this for you. Now create a subdir in it, "C:\Downloads\Torrents", and put your torrent files there. Then open them with Bitcomet. If you should need the .torrent file later, you will have it. Otherwise, you will have to hunt for it wherever you originally downloaded it from, assuming you can remember and assuming it's still there. (It has to be the exact same file, not merely the same content.) If you don't do this, you will someday want to kick yourself.

you can open a .torrent from any path you can reach. You can save the download to any path you choose, but it's easiest to just save it into the default, so you'll always know where to find it. Once you're done seeding you can move it wherever you want to.

After you've copied both files over, load the torrent file into BC, but don't start it yet. Do a manual hash check on it to assure that it can find your partial download. It should take some time to check the download, going from 0 to 100, then returning to the % you previously downloaded. If it does not, completes quickly and says you have 0% downloaded, then it can't find your partial download in the location it's looking at, and you need to fix this one way or the other before proceeding.

This is just way easier to cope with if you restore both back where they came from originally. I'm only pointing out that you don't absolutely have to.

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