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ranking(got worse lol)

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Hi..im not new here..downloaded a fair lot,with an without probs! i normally search thru forum's an find the solution to my probs.

first id just like to say thanks to the admins n helpers who have made downloading so much easier for me..thanks;-)

on to my prob..ive just been upgraded from newb to private(rankin)..but my download speed as dropped lol!

ive read its supposed to improve with rank...

ive got everything sorted(my wan is green)an ive set everthing as instructed..but im currently gettin 3kbps,when b4 i was gettin 30-50kbps..it seems that it happened as soon as ive got new rank! i aint expectin miracles..but id just like to know if this is the norm,or am I just bein a cry-baby?

Also i dont seem to get peer download rate,do you have to adjust somein for this? ive uploaded as much as ive downloaded!

thanks for any help!

P.S. just an idea,but i think maybe we should have spectra you can give people(helpful,funny,spammers,etc) to help know who's good to listen to! like i said...just an idea!

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Your download speed depends on many factors that are constantly changing. The most important is the size and composition of the swarm, which nobody has any control over.

If there are very few other peers in the swarm, then your speed is going to be very slow no matter what your settings are. A torrent can have a lot of interest today, and almost none tomorrow. A torrent can be pretty popular in a geographic area that tends to have lousy connectivity to you, so you'll experience very low speeds while other peers seem to be quite fast. Your own desirability as a trade partner also matters, but if you ever get high speeds, you've presumably figured out how to manage that properly.

Your BC rank will probably not help your speed at all. It would allow you to connect to more LT seeders, but odds are that there aren't any for a given torrent. BitComet is the only client that supports LT seeding, and the concept has not proved very popular in the West. Most torrents never get any LT seeders.

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