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v. 1.10 - Disappearing Download Files

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Hey, first time poster here.

I was downloading a torrent file when I wanted to close BitComet so I can browse my computer comfortably (it makes my computer go slow). So I closed BitComet as I normally would. When I open it back up, the torrent which was at about 70%, was nowhere to be found.

I checked my C:\Downloads folder and the name of the file was there, but since it didn't finish downloading, I couldn't do anything with it.

How do I get the torrent back in the directory so I can complete the download?

Note, I have been doing this process of closing bit comet for a while now, but just recently it's doing this.

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Look at your options/preferences/whatever and make sure that you have "Resume tasks at startup" selected.

If it's not checked, this is the issue.

There are two separate parts to a given task. There is the actual content which is found in the download directory -- either the one for that particular task if you've changed it, or in the default download directory if you have not -- and there is the .torrent file. BitComet writes its task list to the file "downloads.xml" which is stored in the program directory. If BitComet can't write that file, for whatever reason, then when you re-start, it can't load that file and tasks will seem to have changed.

The usual problem is that, under XP and earlier, the file or the directory it's in, has been marked "Read-Only", or corrupted. Under Vista and later, it's more usual that the account BC is running under lacks write permission to that file or the directory it's in.

Unfortunately, BC does not throw an error when it can't write the file -- it just doesn't write it and you find out when you restart.

A copy of the .torrent file itself should still be in the torrents subdirectory, so you can reload it from there and hopefully resume the task from where you left off.

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