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1.09 - 1.14 Syntax error on line 1


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Until today I was using v. 1.09. Today I installed 1.14 hoping that this stupid and annoying error will disappear but... it's still in the program. Here's a screenshot of the error which I'll try to translate for you:


An error came up in the time for application. Would you like to debug? Line of error: 1. Error: Syntax error.

This error is present in BC since 0.85 by my observations. And I don't know what's causing it - in 1.09 it appeared when I tried to stop simultaneously a few tasks from downloading. In 1.14 it comes immediately after clicking on BC's shortcut on the desktop, even without doing anything specific. I mean that when BC starts this error appears. I have to click "NO" twice to make the message go away and when I click anywhere on BC it comes again. :( I did a complete unistall (using Total Uninstall 4) and then reinstall but this problem remains.


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I really need to know the source of the error before I can help much.

I don't think this is coming from BitComet, though. This has to be some sort of script or interpreted program being run first, possibly some sort of program launcher.

BitComet is a complied C++ program, which means that it doesn't have line numbers or syntax errors. (An error in program syntax would break the compilation until fixed.) Syntax errors at line numbers are seen in JavaScript, interpreted BASIC and languages like that.

If you don't really understand that, don't worry about it, but the error is coming from something else, and could not from BitComet. (Not to say that BC is perfect, just that it can't have that particular failure mode.

I also do not understand your phrase, "An error came up in the time for application". The translation does not make sense.

You also indicate that whatever this is, is offering to let you debug it. This is also an indication that an interpreter is attempting to run a program, presumably one which in turn runs BitComet.

If that's the case, try answering it "yes", you'd like to debug, and post a screenshot of the debugger that should appear next. That may help us to figure out what's happening.

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I have no idea what are you talking about. All I know is that this error message appears only when BC is working. Below are the images you required and about the translation - it makes no sense in my language either, so I apologise for the nonsense I wrote.




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That helps.

Somebody, at some point, installed Visual Studio's Just-In-Time debugger. Installing it presumes it was done by a programmer who I have to hope knows what they're doing. Whoever did that is who you need to go to, and have them fix this.

Whatever you're doing that you think is supposed to start BitComet, is starting up a web browser that is attempting to go to a web site named "inside.bitcomet.com" (which is not any part of the BitComet organization.)

This startup application tries to load a javascript program from that site which does not exist, which in turn brings up the debugger query.

This is not a standard part of BitComet, and someone has obviously been mucking about with your system at a pretty sophisticated level. Have whoever that is repair what they've done.

Could it be malware? No. Someone had to actually install the JIT debugger as a part of Visual Studio. Malware would have no reason for installing that, and it would make the package unnecessarily huge anyway.

I must assume that they know what they're doing, and so should you, because my next advice would be to flatten the system - reformat the disk, reinstall windows, do NOT reinstall Visual Studio (since there's evidently no one there who knows what they're doing with it), and reinstall BitComet. Or take it to a shop and have them reformat and reinstall Windows. Pretty drastic, yes. There's no way to know what all else has been done to it.

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OK. I'll try what you said. And I've installed Visual Studio because one of the games I play required it. Also, the software for my GSM requires Visual Studio 2005. My phone is Sony Ericsson K320i.

By reformatting you meant what - to reformat my whole HDD or just to reinstall Windows? I'm asking because there's a difference between these two actions. My HDD is separated to C: and D: partitions. Only programs na OS are on C:.

Edit: Oh, I forgot - you said to have those who have done this to edit it. But how do I find who are they when I don't even know

which program is causing this error message?

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Well, that's the problem. Your system is essentially out of control at this point - you're not sure who did what, and I obviously don't know. Neither of us is certain what's installed or how.

Somebody could look at the startup shortcut you're using and trace what's going on, but it sounds like you don't have anybody there who can do that. If you took it into a shop, they could do it but they'd charge you by the hour and that would get very expensive very quickly.

Somebody must have done this to your system. If you don't know who and can't get them to fix it, then you don't have much choice but to wipe it and start over. Re-installing windows over itself won't do the job, you'll need to delete the contents of the C: partition, then install windows as if it were a brand new installation - not an upgrade or a repair.

You'll also need to reinstall all of your software, even if it's on the D drive, because windows won't know about it anymore and it won't be in your menus and shortcuts. You don't need to erase the D drive, so your data should remain intact.

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You don't need to erase the D drive, so your data should remain intact.

That's all I needed to know. Thanks. I'll try it and I'll post here again about is this event still happening.

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