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I'm downloading a torrent few files at a time. They're .avi video files. Sometimes the downloaded files won't work, but when I stop the downloading/uploading of the torrent choose the next file to download, close bitcomet and start it again and start downloading, the green mark becomes yellow and it goes thru the file. Then the files that didn't work go from 100% to 99.6% or 98.2% or something like that, and when it then has finished downloading, they work. But now, no matter what I do I can't manage to get the yellow mark.

I tried it few times, and now I had three files that were 100%, but only the first one worked. I added a new task the way I described earlier, but didn't get the yellow mark. I unchoosed the two files that didn't work, while the torrent was downloading, closed the properties and clicked the other of those two. Now it says 99.7%, but if I unchoose the new file, it goes back to 100%. It should be good that it's 99.7%, but even though it's that way and the other file, that hasn't finished downloading (didn't even show up as 100% yet) is 96.3% and the download speed is 125kB/s and more, only the new file is downloading (under 10% at the moment)! I tried closing and restarting BitComet, but it just doesn't work. What should I do?

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The "yellow mark" indicates a hash-check is occurring. This means that BC computes the MD5 hash of each piece it has downloaded, and compares that to the hash for that piece contained in the .torrent file. If they don't match, there was a transmission error, so that piece is discarded and re=downloaded.

BitComet can be set to perform a hash-check on torrents immediately it finishes downloading, which is a good idea to enable.

You can also stop the task, right-click on it, and select "manual hash-check" to start one yourself. This also makes sure that BitComet "sees" the partially downloaded content, which is useful in itself sometimes.

During a hash-check, the "% downloaded" column changes function, and it becomes "% checked". It will go from 0 to 100 indicating that it has checked that percentage of whatever you've downloaded so far. When the check is finished, the column will revert to showing the % downloaded again.

Try running manual hash=checks on the incomplete files. That should clear up the problem.

A hash-check takes time, so you need to allow it to complete. When it is done, any pieces that failed are discarded and will be re-downloaded. This seems to be what you're describing.

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