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Trouble Installing Bit Comet

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"My car won't start, can you tell me how to fix it?" <- Is that maybe a bit vague?

  • Where did you get this download you're trying to install?
  • What version of BitComet does the download claim to be?
  • What sort of system are you trying to install the download on?

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I took some screen shots of what i get when I try to install Bit Comet. I get told the the publisher is unknown and asks me if i want to run so I click "run."

Here is the image of that.


After I click "run" I get this message tellin me that "installer integrity has failed"

here is a screen shot of that


I would like to know if theres anything I can do or if it just a lost cause for me?

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I'm having to guess at everything here, because your screenshots are far too tiny for me to see what you're doing, and you haven't answered any of my questions.

It looks like something is trying to install directly from the web site. So first check the URL of the web site, make sure you're not at a bogus site. Then try saving the install file to a known location on your hard disk and running it from that location, not from the browser.

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