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Torrent Share/Collection missing after upgrade to 1.14.


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Hi all, I have a weird problem in that after upgrading from v1.10 to v1.14 on my laptop (running Windows XP), I can no longer see "Torrent Share" folder and "Torrent Collection" in the Channel tab. I've attached a couple of screenshots which show what I see.

The first shows the channel tab.


The second, shows that the option for enabling torrent share is missing from the options menu. post-53926-125062442146.jpg

I've looked at the help selection and the screenshots there showed BitComet 1.14 still having those options in the BT Task option menu, but for some reason is missing in the one I installed. I've also looked at the change log but could not find anything that might have indicated a change on these.

One thing to note is that when I right clicked on Torrent archive, it does show a menu for Enable Torrent Share and the limit to how many torrents to show.

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I initially looked at that menu selection, and agreed with you: it's missing. I went to checking all of the other menu selections to see if it had been moved, and to generally review what had been done to the config menu. I changed some things but didn't click "apply" on them.

Then I came back to this menu, and torrent-sharing was back where it was supposed to be.

Weird. But try that.

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