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To block spammers, this forum has suspended new user registration

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Welcome to the Official BitComet Forum!

From the moment you register as a member of our Forum, you will be subject to the rules stated below. Please read them carefully. Failing to follow the rules may result in a ban.

Hopefully, that won't be the case. So, enjoy your time on our Forum. We'll try to provide assistance here for most of your torrent or BitComet-related problems.

As always, we value your feedback or any new features you'd like to see in the next BitComet release, so please post your feedback at: BitComet Client Suggestions and Feature Request.

Also, do not regard this forum only as a BitTorrent technical support area, but feel welcome to stay for a while, and have a chat in our Lounge [General Discussion Board].

That being said, please read the following rules carefully:

DO NOT ask for RESEEDS, SEEDS, TORRENT/FILE PASSWORDS, ANY direct download links, or make any TORRENT REQUESTS, as we do not host any downloadable file.

  • We cannot and will not give links to direct downloads, due to the extremely complex issues related to Internet Piracy.
  • Discussions relating to the practice of software piracy (including where to get warez), computer hacking, cracking, phreaking and anything generally illegal or immoral are forbidden. Discussions of things that are fattening are, unfortunately, still permitted. B)
  • Direct links to warez sites, cracks, hacks (i.e. illegal hosting of applications or games) within the posts of the BitComet Forum are not allowed, nor is uploading of such files on the Forum. We emphasize that we DO NOT APPROVE of this. Should you spot any of these on this Forum feel free to report that to any member of the moderating team.
  • Members are reminded that, if they do post direct download links, their post(s) will be deleted ASAP, without prior notice. However a PM will be sent to the user, reminding him/her of this rule and/or the warning status will be raised. Repeatedly, failing to comply to this rule will eventually end up with a BAN promptly issued to the member. Additionally, members are reminded that in posting direct links to file downloads which are in violation of copyright laws, they may be subject to International Piracy Laws, which will not be imposed upon Bitcomet or its staff, but only on the author of the post himself/herself.
  • When posting technical support questions/answers related to a specific problem, however, feel free to send/ask for PMs containing a link to the site where you obtained the torrent file. This is sometimes quite important, since the torrent file itself could outline issues such as tracker problems, seeding, etc., helping out to find the cause of the problem.

Standard Forum Manners are expected:

  • Introducing yourself to our forum is a good thing to do! You can introduce yourself at: New Members' Report! However, please refrain from posting your technical issues directly in that section of the forum.
  • Flaming is not welcome here. Keep it civil and polite. You reap what you sow.
  • Post in the 'most' correct section. Posts made in a random or unrelated section may be moved or deleted without prior notice to the user.
  • Do not double post. Your question will be answered if/when someone who knows the answer logs on, sees the issue, and replies to it.
  • Do not post in a topic unless you have something to add/ask regarding the exact subject of discussion of the topic. Posting your own different problem/question unrelated to the discussed subject, into someone else's topic, is frowned upon, on this forum. Start your own topic instead.
  • Do not necropost. Unless you have a very good reason for reviving an old, dead topic do not post in one. Instead start a new thread. As a thumb rule, any new post in a topic where the last post is older than 3 weeks (maximum 1 month) is usually considered necroposting. This doesn't apply, however, to pinned topics such as the discussions topic for the Port Forwarding guide or the Private Trackers topic.
  • When replying, do not quote the post you're replying to, unless necessary. Most times, it's not necessary. It's especially not necessary when the message is immediately above yours. When you DO quote a message, there is no need to quote the whole post; keep, instead, only the line(s) to which you're referring and delete the rest, to keep the topic in an easy-to-read format.

Links to other sites are permitted, provided that they are not Pornographic, Warez or Referral sites:

  • Respect other users' bandwidth, so avoid using Direct URLs/Links (Hot-linking), especially without giving credit .
  • Advertising is not tolerated within the BitComet Forum. Personal sites such as Blogs, Spaces, funny links, etc., are allowed. But do NOT link to "forced sign-ups or voting" links. These links will be removed immediately, without prior notice. Additional measures may be taken upon the user, depending on the severity of the advertisement.
  • The administrators and moderators are the sole judges of what constitutes a violation of these rules. The forum is not a democracy and you don't get a vote.

We expect you to use Common Sense within the Forum:

(If you don't have any, at least try for courtesy)

  • Usernames must be 'appropriate'. Pornographic or offensive names are forbidden and will be deleted.
  • If you have been banned permanently, or temporarily, do not come and enter this Forum, nor create a new user account. Doing so, will only lead to an extended ban. If you feel that you have been banned unfairly, or feel that you should be un-banned after a period of time, e-mail us at: support@bitcomet.com.
  • This Forum is not for trading/selling/buying items or services (including invitations to other sites), so do not create such posts or topics. They will be deleted. So will you.
  • If you want your username changed, your account deleted, or similar issues, please send a personal message to an Administrator.

The BitComet Site & BitComet Forum:

  • Criticizing BitComet Staff, the Main Site, the Forum staff or the Forum itself, without any constructive arguments (i.e., just to rag on or b**** at us or at BitComet) will not be tolerated. Feedback or 'constructive argument' is appreciated; feedback from BitComet users is greatly appreciated.
  • If ever in doubt regarding any issues related to our Forum or website, do not hesitate to contact an Administrator or Moderator [by e-mail or PM], or e-mail us at support@bitcomet.com [Rest assured, this e-mail can and only will be read by Administrators].
  • The decisions of Administrators & Moderators are final. Arguing against our decisions will coincide with our Standard Rules, since our decisions are based upon the simple 'common-sense' rules outlined so far. However, should you feel that our decision was influenced or was incorrect in some manner, please contact an Administrator.
  • All of the Staff have non-paid positions, and give their time freely. Therefore, they are exempt from most minor rules, except for the most severe, which involve the Staff themselves.
  • All the Staff here are human, just like all the users who've joined this forum, so we do make mistakes, although our decisions are mostly final, within reason.
  • Should we require Staff, we will post within the Announcements for Staff openings, or, you may receive a PM from BitComet Staff, to join our ranks.

Note: All of the Rules above, are subject to change without prior notice. We will try to give you advance notice of any really radical new rule changes.

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Warning System + Suspension/Ban

The BitComet Forum hopes that all members will their stay at our Forum, abiding by our Rules.

Most members who join our forum actually read our rules before clicking the "I Agree" button within the registration field, and abide by these rules. However, there are some sad people who register at our Forum, intending to post site links to Pornographic Material, Advertising Viagra and, yes, virus-contained sites.

Due to increasing number of members who fail to follow our simple rules, the Warning System of this Forum has been activated. It's going to be a very simple system, all members who've joined our forum will receive a maximum of 3 Warnings.

After 3 Warnings, members will have their account suspended according to the number of offenses they've committed (i.e. If you break 5 rules, you get 5 days' worth of suspension).

Should you fail to abide by our rules after this suspension, you will be banned. Don't think about registering again, for your IP & IP Range will be banned accordingly by administrators/moderators.

Just think of this system like a game of Cricket, 3 warnings, you're out of here.

All Moderators & Administrators have the power the Suspend & Ban as they see fit. If you believe that they have warned you inappropriately, please send an E-mail at: bitcomet.admin@gmail.com outlining your circumstances, as well as the Moderator.

However, if we deem your actions to be worthy of a BAN, we will BAN you!

NOTE: All users of this forum can see their "Rating" System, this is an indication of your current disciplinary status. It will be decreased accordingly, if we see that your behaviour has improved.

*Warning System - ON

*Bad Word Filter - ON

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