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Long-time seeding max resources connections question

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I'm currently ranked level 7 Second Lieutenant with max resources connections of 47 according to the new updated chart.

I would like know if this 47 P2SP connections I have is shared with your long time seeding upload or is it only applies to long-time seeding download via P2SP?

The reason I'm asking is becouse I see I've lost all my long-time seeding download connections with my peers as I have more 100% downloaded stopped tasks using long-time seeding uploading.

I'm not sure if it is that all my long-time seeding uploading to my peers have fully occupied all my max 47 P2SP connections or there is just happened to be no long-time seeding peers at this time of the day for the task I'm currently downloading.

I've a total of 7 tasks. 4 out of the 7 tasks have been fully downloaded and stopped with green light and doing long-time seeding. 1 out of the 7 tasks is also fully downloaded at 100% and is currently doing uploading only. The last two tasks are downloading with few normal connection peers and no LT peers at the moment. Hours ago when I only have 2-3 stopped 100% fully downloaded tasks doing long-time seeding, my downloading tasks were having over 100 P2SP peers.

I could leave my PC running for another 24 hours but in the meantime I'd like to know if it is possible that long-time seeding upload could occupie the max # of P2SP connection resources that we have according to our rank. Also if you noticed I mentioned I had more than 100 P2SP connection to peers via long-time seeding download, I had only one download running at that time and I'm a ranked level 7 Second Lieutenant with max 47 resources. This is another question I'm also wondering why I could get so many P2SP long-time seeding download connection to peers with my current rank, and I saw I was downloading from almost all of those 100 P2SP. My max download speed was averaging between 300-400kb/sec. Normal download speed was only at an average 30-50kb/sec, and this tells us that long-time seeding download is a must have feature and BC is the only program that supports it.

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That limit is regarding download resources for each file in particular, so if a task has a lot of files (e.g. rar splitted archives .r1 .r2 .r4....r29...etc) you get up to 47 lt seeds for each file. That's why I prefer torrents containing many split files instead of the ones that contain one big file.

Upload slots are managed automatically and shown in the statistics tab of the lower panel.

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