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The description, that is the (superb, excellent, wonderful) of the Peers informarton as described by conatains short information. But it provides nothing that is useful to to me, me being the end user who doesn't care about the technicalities that provide the end user experience. But I do care about how I can affect my 'end user experience'. Can the information given under the 'peers' subsection help me, the end user.

So take anoher look. Does the information you provide help the user (that is me) make best use of your program? Will version 2 be user oriented?

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Well, you seem kind of angry for some reason that eludes me. There is no point in posting if you're not going to let anybody know what it is you really want.

I mean, exactly what info would you have wanted to see in the Peers panel or any other of them, that you don't find at present time?

And yes, the info provided in that panels is useful to many of us, end users, who know how to interpret it and how to make use of it in order to fine tune or troubleshoot our Bitcomet client. But that doesn't mean that Bitcomet's interface is not user oriented. It rather offers you more info than you can grasp at this point, probably. And that's nobody's fault.

But you need not worry about that, because if you don't see the use of that info you can just ignore it. Your Bitcomet client comes preconfigured by default, with the best options preset already. The only things you really need to check after installing, are that your listen port is forwarded and that your max upload speed is set at 80% of your real total upload speed. And this Bitcomet can't do for you.

The rest is just basic logics based on how bittorrent protocol works in general (i.e. depending on your upload speed, not to run to many task at once in order for each one to get enough upload speed etc.). But that is already another story and it's all covered in the guides.

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