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hello ppl

i downloaded a torrent couple of months ago with full speed i can get thats give or take 150kb/s

anw i lost the torrent so i try download it again but i get only 20kb/s and 2-5 seeds and 8 peers out of 400sedds+peers

evryone else gets high speed but i don't does anyone know why???sorry for my bad english.

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Well, I think even though there are a few hundred seeds for this torrent, if there are also a few thousand peers, then the seed/peer ratio still isn't very great, so you may still get slow download speeds.

Considering that you haven't changed Bitcomet's settings since your previous download, what you could try is this: stop all the other running tasks (downloading and seeding as well) except the one you were talking about. This way all the available upload bandwidth will be available for it and you will be a more desirable trading peer for the others.

And make sure that your Global max upload rate in Options --> Connection is set to 80% of your real upload speed. If you're not sure what I'm talking about read the beginning of this guide to find out how.

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