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Can Anyone Advise Me


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I am attempting to download some torrents from torrent.ru, I need to increase my Upload speed. At moment it is set at unlimted. but nothing is uploading. To maintain my account with Torrent.ru. I have to increase my ratio by seeding. to do this I must increase upload.

Can anyone help me round this matter. I'm thick, so need a idiot proof step by step instruction


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Search the tracker for something that you already have, and has a reasonable amount of leeches and few seeds.

Make sure it's exactly the same thing.

Download the torrent and point it to download the files to the folder already containing those files.

A pop-up warning will appear asking if you'dd like to start with a hash check or go back to select another folder, click "Yes" to start with a Hash check.

If the popup does not show you did something wrong, either it's not exactly the same torrent or you've selected the wrong folder to download to (select the folder that contains the folder containing the files if the torrent makes a new folder.;))

If it's a success let the task run alone, no other tasks are to be left running until your ratio improves.

Also limit your upload speed to 70% of your TESTED upload speed, and your Long-time seeding upload rate to 10% of your TESTED upload speed to maintain good communications with the other peers.

To do a speed test go here

Have a nice day!

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