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BitComet starts, internet crash


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Hello, mi problem is this:

If I init a download from a torrent, I can't access web pages, but torrent continues working without problems. To be able to access web pages, I have to stop the program or restart the system.

My information:

1) BitComet 1.15

2) ADSL 10Mb

3) Router Linksys WRT54GL (firmware DD-WRT installed). Port used rediricted.

4) Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. Antivirus/firewall: ESET Smart Security 3.x

Related to the router, another computer connected to it, still working without problems (after my crash), and it can download torrents too.

Checkings with the configuration of the program:

- Download limit: 0 (no limit)

- Upload limit: 100Kb/s y 50Kb/s

- Network DHT off

- network.max_connections 150

Other things:

- Indexing files disabled and Google Desktop disabled (not initiated),

- Firewall disabled,

- A different torrent-client...

...and the problem persists.

Thanks for your answers.

PS. I had initiated a topic in the spanish tech support forum, but I think this way is easier to communicate us. Sorry for the extra topic, and for my bad english.

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You left out a very important detail for your particular situation. Is it your upload speed limit set accordingly to the real bandwidth of your connection? If not:

Go to a speed testing site such as: speedtest.net or dslreports.com and test your connection (I'd recommend running at least 2-3 tests on different servers, just to get a more accurate average speed). Write down (or memorize) the upload speed of your connection (which will be the real upload speed) and set your BitComet Global Max Upload to 80% of that speed. Be aware that most of the sites show by default the speed in kbps (kilobits per second) but BitComet operates, like many other applications, with kBps (kilobytes per second), so, you'll have to do the math yourself; a rough formula is kB = kb/8 (for some speed-test sites you can select that the results be shown in kB). Also disable Alternate Max Upload Rate. See, if that makes any difference for you.

If you already have done all of this, another thing worth trying is to set the network.max_connecting_connections value in Options-->Advanced to something lower than the value set on the TCP/IP Limit page (i.e. on the TCP/IP Limit page the default value is 10, so set the value above to, say, 8 or 7).

Te has olvidado de un detalle muy importante, en tu caso particular. ¿Está tu limite de velocidad de subida configurado al ancho de banda de tu conexión real? De no ser así:

Dirígete a una web para comprobar tu velocidad (tal y como speedtest.net o dslreports.com) y comprueba tu conexión (te recomiendo que efectúes, por lo menos, 2-3 pruebas con distintos servidores, para poder adquirir una media de velocidad más exacta).

Escribe la velocidad de subida de tu conexión - la cual será la velocidad real de subida - y ajusta la Máxima Velocidad Global de Subida a un 80% de ésta. Ten en cuenta que la mayoría de estas webs muestran la velocidad (por defecto) en kilobits/segundo (kbps), aunque algunas te permiten optar por mostrar los resultados en kB/s. BitComet, al igual que muchas otras aplicaciones, usa kiloBytes/segundo (kBps). Si prefieres hacer el cálculo tú mismo, una formula aproximada es donde 1 kB = 8 kb.

Deshabilita "Alternate Max Upload Rate", también, y mira a ver si notas alguna diferencia.

Si ya has hecho todo esto, otra cosa que puedes probar es ajustar el valor de network.max_connecting_connections bajo Opciones--> Avanzado, a algo más bajo que el valor mostrado en la página de Límite de TCP/IP (donde el valor por defecto es de 10), de forma que cámbialo a 7 u 8, por ejemplo.

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Hi, thank you for your answer.

The upload limit was well configured.

I think the problem was the TCP/IP limit (it appeared the event 4226 related to it), but with a value of 7 or 8 in the maximum connections it didn't work neither. I have been reading about this issue, and I have installed SP2 because I readed that it solves the problem and... "voila!", it works, problem solved.

Thank you very much for your time.

Hola. Gracias por tu respuesta.

El límite de subida estaba bien configurado.

Pîenso que el problema era el límite TCP/IP (aparecía, relacionado con el mismo, el suceso 4226), pero con un límite de 7 u 8 para las conexiones máximas, tampoco funcionaba.

He estado leyendo sobre este tema y he instalado el SP2, ya que leí que solucionaba el problema y... ¡voilà!... funcionó. Problema resuelto.

Muchas gracias por tu tiempo.

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